Crypto Kingdom: How Bitcoin and Altcoins Are Rewriting the Rules of Casinos Safety

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Online gambling has evolved significantly, with the advent of crypto casinos marking a transformative era in decentralized technology and payment systems. While this evolution brings excitement and innovation, it also raises concerns about the safety of the gambling industry.

Rise of Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos, including giants like Stake Casino (operational since 2017), have gained immense popularity, offering advantages like faster transactions, lower fees, and increased privacy. Nowadays, a lot of online streamers on TikTok and advertise gambling at Crypto casinos, as fewer regulations apply to them.

The decentralized nature of crypto casinos poses challenges in terms of regulation. While platforms like BitStarz and 1xBit operate without a German license, the inclusion of regulatory measures, such as the German license, helps ensure fair gameplay and fights against gambling addictions. German Casino license, for example, limits maximum bet at slot machines to 1 euro and maximum monthly deposit to 1000 euros. This helps to fight gambling addiction but cannot be applied to crypto casinos.

Anonymity and Irreversibility

Cryptocurrencies’ anonymity and irreversible transactions present a double-edged sword. While they provide privacy, they also open the door to increased fraud and money laundering. Shockingly, in 2023, it was reported that an alarming amount of money was laundered through various crypto casinos. That’s why a lot of regulatory authorities, such as Malta and Curacao, do their best to ensure a safe and honest casino environment.

Moreover, crypto casinos’ easy accessibility has raised concerns about the potential for increased gambling addiction. The convenience of using cryptocurrencies makes it easier for individuals, including minors, to engage in continuous gambling, posing challenges for implementing responsible gambling practices.

Lack of Consumer Protection

Traditional consumer protections, such as chargebacks, are often absent in crypto transactions. This absence leaves players without a safety net in case of disputes or unfair practices. One might wonder, “What stops a casino from just stealing your money?” This emotional statement underscores the urgency of implementing robust consumer protections.

The security of crypto transactions is a growing concern as well. Hacking and theft incidents have been on the rise, threatening the financial security of players engaging in crypto gambling.

Calls for Regulation

Within the industry and among stakeholders, there is a growing consensus on the necessity of regulating crypto gambling. Stricter oversight, consumer protections, and responsible gambling measures, including the adoption of licenses like the German one, are essential to ensure a safer and more sustainable future for online betting. At, we work exclusively with trusted online brands. You can check out honest reviews on our website or choose appropriate online casino bonuses.


In conclusion, while crypto casinos bring innovation to the gambling industry, their unregulated nature poses significant risks. Stricter oversight, consumer protections, and responsible gambling measures, including adopting licenses like the German one, are essential to ensure a safer and more sustainable future for online betting. As the industry continues to evolve, finding this balance will be paramount in safeguarding the interests of players and the integrity of the gambling landscape.

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